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The Benefits of Plumbing Camera Inspections to Identify Plumbing Problems

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Hidden inside your walls and under your garden, is a maze of piping that’s responsible for carrying water and waste into and away from your home. When something goes wrong with your plumbing, it’s a race against time to get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution.

However, finding a solution to a problem you can’t see the cause of can be as difficult as it sounds. Much of what goes on inside your pipes is a complete and utter mystery and will remain so until you take a look.

A hose-mounted camera is the ultimate solution to unraveling the mystery of your plumbing and discovering what’s lurking inside the pipes that’s causing problems. Here are the five key benefits of hiring a professional plumbing contractor in Chicagoland to perform a plumbing camera inspection:

Fast Diagnosis

Sometimes it’s as clear as day what the problem with your plumbing is, and sometimes it’s not. There are an extraordinary number of things that can go wrong with plumbing, a large number of which have the same or very similar outward results.

Without using a plumbing camera inspection, plumbers have to rely almost solely on experience and expertise as their primary tools to diagnose a problem. This could mean that a lot of guesswork is involved in the diagnosis, possibly leading to a misdiagnosis and greater expense and disruption.

Plumbing camera inspections take all the guesswork out of diagnosing problems. Inserting the camera is easy and the plumber will have a live view of what’s going on in seconds. The plumber may be able to discover the cause of a problem in minutes, where without the camera it could have taken a lot of trial and error and a significant amount of time.

When you opt for a plumbing camera inspection, the accurate diagnosis will eliminate common mistakes and costly errors.

Condition Overview

Can you say for certain what condition your pipes are in? Much of a property’s plumbing is not visible, which means that it can be very difficult to identify problems, let alone monitor them. A massive water leak may be on the horizon, without any evidence that something is wrong.

After a camera inspection, you’ll be able to say for sure what condition your plumbing is in. Everything could be looking great or there may be a stray tree root starting to grow through cracks in a sewage line, but at least you’ll know about it.Chicago-Sewer-Plumbing-Inspection-Camera

Plumbing camera inspections are a particularly beneficial service when purchasing a new house. Just as you’d check a new property for damp, structural problems, and insulation quality, it’s important to check the condition of the plumbing. Nobody wants to discover pipe deterioration after they purchase a property and then have to pay a fortune for repairs on top of other moving costs – it pays to know what you’re buying!

No Disruptions

Plumbing camera inspections are normally a much better choice than the alternative. Why choose to have your garden upturned or holes cut into your walls, when you could have a small camera inserted into your drain instead!

Even if you choose the alternative, there’s no guarantee that the new hole in your garden or wall is going to be in the right spot. You may end up with a dozen more holes or an enormous hole before the plumber finds the source of the problem.

A camera inspection is faster, more accurate, and much less disruptive than digging a hole! The whole process is safe and non-invasive, so it’s going to cause less disruption to your home and your day – plumbing problems can be disruptive enough without your home being taken apart to solve them.

Disaster Prevention

Prevention is perhaps the greatest benefit of plumbing camera inspections. During the inspection, the camera may reveal a number of small problems that have the potential to escalate into much bigger issues. This way, problems like clogs and corrosion can be fixed early before they have chance to become a disaster. After identifying problems, the plumber will formulate a plan for the best and most cost-effective solution – saving you time, money and stress!

The added prevention benefit of a plumbing camera inspection is highlighting things that you might be doing that are causing problems. Sometimes, the simplest of plumbing tips – like not putting grease down the sink or using a drain grate – can prevent massive problems from occurring. Your plumber can give you advice on what habits to change, so you can prevent plumbing problems in the future.

Great Savings

A plumbing camera inspection could end up saving you a considerable amount of money, firstly by preventing problems. If you have a pipe that’s at the end of its lifespan, then an inspection will highlight the problem before it starts leaking and your water bills skyrocket.

Speed and accuracy are two further ways that plumbing camera inspections can save you money. Not only will the inspection reduce the time it takes to diagnose a problem and eliminate the need for multiple inspections, but it prevents a misdiagnosis costing you a significant sum on unneeded work.

You’ll also get the reassurance that the problems you’re paying to fix actually exist. You’ll be able to view the live video feed of the camera in action and get an insurance report after the inspection if required.

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