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Causes of Main Sewer Clogging & Warnings Signs to Look Out For

Main Sewer Clogging Chicago.

Main Sewer Clogs

When you run the faucet, take a shower or flush the toilet you probably don’t consider where all the plumbing in your home is hooked up to. All of your pipes and drains hook up the main sewer line which is located outside your house.

The main sewer takes a pounding from daily use and there are many things which can gradually start to impair how effectively it operates. You may not realize this, but the sewer line that runs from your home to the main sewer in the street is your responsibility. This means that if things go wrong, it’s important to find an experienced plumber to provide plumbing solutions, especially when it comes to main sewer clogging.

Clogged Sewer Warning Signs

 If your sewer becomes completely blocked, it will be very obvious to everyone and you’ll need our emergency plumbing service. However, if you’re vigilant you could spot the warning signs and call us out before things escalate.

 These are some of the most common warning signs that you could have a fault developing with your main line sewer: 

Drains that regularly back upa backed-up drain should always be seen as a warning, particularly when it occurs in the lower levels in your home. Don’t simply pour drain unblocking fluids down the plughole and hope for the best; you could cause more damage especially if the substance is too abrasive. Call Arco Plumbing out and we can get your drains running properly once more.

Multiple drain clogsif multiple plumbing appliances are affected all around your home, it’s a sign that there’s a problem with the main sewer rather than an individual pipe.

Gurgling toilets and other plumbing malfunctionsif your plumbing fixtures are acting strangely, it could be a sign that your main sewer is developing a problem. Along with unusual noises coming from your toilet after flushing, look out for bubbling or water rising back out of the drain.

Changes in your lawn surfacemain sewer lines typically run from your house and under your lawn before joining the street. If you take a close look at your lawn you may be able to spot a depression where a pipe has broken or ruptured. Providing the weather has been dry, you should also see soggy patches where the sewage is flowing out from the pipe under the ground. Not seeing either of these signs doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

What Usually Causes a Clogged Sewer Line?

 Although the effect is the same, there are many different things which can lead to a clogged sewer line. Some of the most usual culprits include: 

  • Broken pipes – if pipes become broken, they will become misaligned and allow dirt to enter. This quickly causes a total blockage.
  • Debris – over time, it’s possible for debris to start building up within the main sewer. This can be made up of many things including toilet paper, soap scum and foreign objects which accumulate and block the main line.
  • Grease and fat– grease is a frequent problem for main line sewers and quickly cause a clog. Running hot water from a faucet won’t swill the grease away; it will line your pipe and as it cools it will solidify and harden.
  • Tree roots –you don’t need to have a tree planted close to your main line sewer to have a problem with roots. Tree roots can grow to become many meters in length and seek out moisture and water. This can lead to them infiltrating cracked main line sewers, creating a total blockage.
  • Sagging sewer lines – sewer lines can gradually begin to sag due to age, shifting soil or sinkholes leaving wastewater collecting in pools in the lower parts. This prevents the water from draining away, leaving the pipe backed up.

 Any of the above problems will be sufficient to cause problems throughout the entire sewer system serving your home. 

Sewer Line Clog Solutions

Whether your main line is just starting to develop problems or if it’s a full-blown emergency, we have the solutions you need. The action we take depends on the cause of the clog and how severe the problem is.  Some of the options include: 

  • Diagnostics via cameras fed down into the sewer lines
  • Sewer rodding
  • Main line cleaning
  • Main line repair (if necessary)
  • Outdoor sewer repair without digging up the ground (where possible)
  • Complete sewer line replacement (as a last resort)

At Arco Plumbing, our aim is always to return your main sewer to full functionality in the quickest possible time and for the lowest cost. We’ll give you a quote before carrying out the work and consult you at every step of the job.

Drain Problem Prevention Tips

You can’t eliminate every single clog but by following good drain hygiene rules you can dramatically cut your chances of a blockage from occurring.

 Here are a few tips which can help keep your main line sewer in the best possible condition: 

  • Never throw any grease, fats or coffee
  • grounds down the sink, or anything else that could harden and clump. Instead, pour it into a can while still warm, wait for it to solidify and then dispose of it via alternative means.
  • Make sure you clean pop-up stoppers and strainers frequently
  • Make sure anything you put down the toilet is flushable. Avoid flushing heavy paper products even if they are labeled as flushable.
  • Always use plenty of cold water to flush food remnants away when using a disposal.

Contact Arco Plumbing for Main Sewer Clogs

Sewer plumbing repair isn’t a fun job to undertake without the proper equipment and expertise, as it can be extremely messy and dirty. This is especially the case where the pipes aren’t just clogged but also damaged If you suspect there might be a problem developing with your sewer, give the friendly team at Arco Plumbing a call.

It’s better if we come out sooner rather than later as we could help to prevent expensive repairs from being carried out. Ignore a main sewer problem and you could end up with a total collapse and an emergency situation, which is a situation that no-one wants to be in. If your home is in the west suburbs of Chicagoland and you’ve got clogged drains, give Arco Plumbing in Westmont, IL a call for a swift, competitively priced service you can trust.

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