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5 Common Plumbing Issues & How to Fix Them

The majority of home and building owners don’t truly recognize how important plumbing is for the building’s integrity until they encounter a problem with it—knowing the most common plumbing issues, how to avoid them, and what to do if you have a plumbing issue is essential.

As your home or building ages, it is perfectly natural that you encounter problems with your plumbing, and being able to identify these nuisances allows you to have the expertise necessary to find a solution. You rely heavily on your plumbing; simple issues can lead to bigger and expensive fixes. Knowing common plumbing problems and how to deal with them helps you know when to grab your tools and when to call the plumber.

Clogged Drains & Toilets

Spotting clogged drains and toilets are some of the easier problems to notice. For sinks and showers, if the water doesn’t go down, then you have a clogged drain. For toilets, it is a little bit different; when you flush, the water backs up and, in some cases, even leads to an overflow. Most situations are easy fixes on your own, but sometimes calling the professionals is the faster and easier option.

Main Causes

Clogged drains occur when there is something that jarred in the drain, partially or entirely, which lets a little water or none escape. Depending on the location of the blockage, the reasons vary.

  • Bathroom sink and shower drains: Usually, they are blocked with hair, but sometimes caps from shampoo bottles, hair ties, and toys can do the trick.
  • Kitchen Sinks: Food, household materials, grease, and much more can be the culprit in kitchens. Anything besides water or liquid that goes down the drain poses a threat.
  • Toilets: When you flush down any non-dissolvable material like tampons and paper towel, this can lead to backups and overflowing.

Finding a Solution

First things first, grab your plunger and see if you can unclog the affected area; it is one of the easiest ways that will release any small buildup in your drains. If you see that the blockage is visible, most likely in clogs in your shower, grab a small pair of tweezers to lift it out. Drain snakes and chemical drain cleaners can be used in more serious situations.

When To Call Arco Plumbing

Your drains and toilets are essential items in your home; if you find yourself fighting with the problem and taking more time out of your day, call the experts. One of our plumbers will come directly to your home and resolve the issue immediately.

Issues With Your Water Heater

Living in Illinois, you have had your fair share of long and cold winters, outlining the importance of hot water. A functioning water heater is critical, especially if you want to keep having those nice warm showers and baths after a long day of hard work. Noticing water heater issues can consist of leaking water, weird and loud noises, and big puddles of water surrounding the heater.


There is never one true cause for all water heater problems; it can be due to a buildup of minerals from hard water, rust corrosion, and or age.

What to Do In The Case Of a Problem

Turn the water heater off. This step is important; if the problem is due to sediment buildup, the outcome of keeping it on can be drastic. The next step is to call a plumber; problems with the water heater can be complicated and require the assistance of a professional.

Dripping Pipes and Faucets

Have you noticed a puddle underneath exposed pipes or a faucet that won’t stop running? Depending on the location of the pipe, they can often be an easy fix. This plumbing issue is one of the most common plumbing problems, and with our expertise, finding a solution is quick and reliable.


It is likely that a piece inside, commonly the washer, has deteriorated or been damaged for running faucets. It can be due to a loose bolt, rusted pipes or bolts, or high water pressure for leaking pipes.

Finding a Solution

Replacing the washer in your faucet will most likely fix the problem. For pipes, tightening bolts with a wrench is an easy solution, but replacing joints and pipes may be the fix if it is because of corrosion or rust. You can deal with both issues on your own, but they require special tools and hard labor, so we recommend that you call the experts.

When To Call Arco Plumbing

When you notice big pools of water underneath a pipe, or a faucet that won’t stop running, and want a fast solution, call us immediately!

Running Toilet

The sound of a leaking faucet is irritating, but listening to a constantly running toilet will drive you crazy. Running toilets is annoying because you can still use them, but it constantly makes noises and wastes water.


A constantly running toilet often occurs when the mechanisms within the toilet no longer work. These issues can be an imbalanced float, a leak, loose tubes, alongside many other reasons.

Finding a Solution

An array of different reasons can cause the problem, so you will have to play around with the toilet’s inner workings to spot the issue. Toilet repair kits are available to use, but if you are unfamiliar with fixing toilets, it is best to call the professionals to eliminate any potential risk of causing more expensive damages.

Low Water Pressure

The culprit of horrible showers and delayed time while washing the dishes. As it affects you and your family’s daily routine and schedule, low water pressure is something that many homeowners need to fix right away.


If both you and your neighbors experience the same problem within your homes, the cause is most likely a break in the main water line. You may have low water pressure, but you can take a sigh of relief, knowing nothing in your home is the problem. Small leaks also can be the root cause.

Finding a Solution

If the problem is suspected to be a water main break, there is nothing much you can do besides reporting the problem. Low water pressure due to leaks or buildup in your pipes, you will need to call a plumber to locate the issue and fix it.

Top Quality Plumbing Solutions for Plumbing Issues in Chicagoland

Helping our customers find quick and easy solutions in any way possible is what we strive for at Arco Plumbing. Having the information you need to recognize issues and know what to do is something that will help you so much in the future. Remember, if you encounter an issue with your plumbing, do not hesitate to contact Arco Plumbing today!



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