Emergency Plumbing: What to Do When You Need Help Fast

20 Jun. 23

Emergency Plumbing: What to Do When You Need Help Fast

As homeowners, we’ve all been there! A burst pipe flooding the basement, a clogged toilet that won’t flush, or a leaking faucet that won’t stop. Plumbing emergencies are no joke, and they can strike in the blink of an eye, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. But that no longer has to be the case because, in this post, we are going to guide you through the necessary steps to handle emergency plumbing situations and the ways you can ensure help arrives right away.

Step 1: Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

The first rule in any emergency is to remain calm, even one that has to do with your plumbing. Any kind of panic is almost guaranteed to cloud your judgment and worsen matters. So, make sure to take a deep breath and ensure that you carefully assess the situation at hand. Determine where the problem is, how severe it is, and determine whether or not it needs immediate attention. It’s crucial to remember that not every single plumbing issue is an emergency, and some can wait for a scheduled appointment. Therefore, staying calm will be guaranteed to help you make rational decisions.

Step 2: Shut Off the Water Supply

Water is your enemy in any plumbing emergency, and the first thing you need to do is ensure that the water flow is stopped. Make sure to locate where the main water shut-off valve in your home is. In the majority of properties, it is usually located where the main water line enters your property or the water meter. Turn the valve clockwise until the water supply is completely shut off. This will prevent any damage from happening until the professionals arrive.

Step 3: Call a Reliable Emergency Plumber

Once the water is turned off, it’s time to call in the experts – a reliable emergency plumbing professional. In the case of any kind of plumbing problem, especially an emergency, never try to fix the problem yourself. You could cause harm to yourself and create hundreds of dollars more in damage. It’s always important to do your own research beforehand and make sure that you keep the contact information handy. A few things to look for include:

  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • 24/7 Availability:
  • Wide Range of Services
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Quick Response Time

When an emergency arises, call them immediately, explain what’s happening, and ensure that you emphasize the urgency of the situation. A dependable plumbing company with these services will do whatever it can to quickly send out a team to your location. Professional plumbers are trained to handle all types of emergencies that will prioritize your call accordingly.

Step 4: Take Temporary Measures

During your call with the plumbing company, make sure to ask them what you can do in the meantime while you wait for them to arrive. In many cases, while you wait for the plumber to arrive, there are a few temporary measures that you can take to minimize damage. They include:

  • Contain the water-¬† Use buckets, towels, or any old rags to soak up excess water and prevent it from spreading.
  • Unblock drains: If you’re dealing with a clogged toilet or sink, try using a plunger or a drain snake to remove the blockage. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners at all costs so they can worsen the problem.
  • Turn off appliances: The last thing you want to do is continue suffering damage to your home. Therefore, if there’s a risk of water reaching electrical outlets or appliances,

switch off the power to avoid electrical hazards.

Step 5: Clear the Area and Ensure Safety

Plumbing emergencies create hazardous and unsafe environments. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure the safety of everyone in the area where the problem has occurred. Clear the affected area of any valuable items, furniture, or electronics if you can do so safely. If the water is spreading rapidly or the situation seems unsafe, leave the premises until professional help arrives.

Step 6: Communicate and Cooperate with the Plumber

When the emergency plumber arrives, clearly communicate the issue and provide any relevant information they may need. Be cooperative and follow their instructions. Remember, they are trained professionals and know how to handle these situations best. Share any observations you made or steps you took before their arrival to help them assess the problem accurately.

Step 7: Learn from the Experience

Once all of your emergency plumbing problems have been fixed, take a moment to reflect on the emergency and if you could have prevented it, and how you can prevent one from happening in the future. Regular plumbing maintenance goes a long way in protecting your home and saving you thousands in damages. Here are some things you can do:

  • Check for leaks
  • Insulate your pipes
  • Know where your shut-off valves are located

Doing these small things can go a long way in avoiding disastrous emergencies. Make sure that you always keep up to date with the proper plumbing practices and be proactive in addressing potential issues.

Why Choose Arco Plumbing for Emergency Plumbing Services

With so many plumbing companies and choices to choose from, why choose us? When it comes to emergency plumbing services in Chicagoland, there are several reasons why Arco Plumbing is a top choice. Here are some key factors:

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  3. Upfront Pricing and Transparency: We believe in transparency and provide upfront pricing to customers. Our team provides detailed cost estimates before starting any work, ensuring no surprises when it comes to the final bill.
  4. ¬†Emergency Response Time: Plumbing emergencies can cause significant damage if not addressed promptly. Arco Plumbing recognizes the importance of a swift response and aims to arrive at the customer’s location as quickly as possible.

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