Hard Water Issues - Advice and Tips From the Experts

28 Sep. 22

Hard Water Issues – Advice and Tips From the Experts

85% of homes and commercial businesses in the USA are affected by hard water issues. While it is a common issue that many encounter, many feel it is not that serious and decide to leave it alone. However, this is the last thing that you should do. Arco Plumbing is the leading expert in all types of Chicagoland plumbing issues, including hard water issues. Keep reading to get advice and tips from industry specialists.

What is Hard Water?

Now, you may be wondering what makes water hard. Isn’t it all the same thing? While water is still H20, there can be extra stuff in the water that we drink. Some of the water you are drinking may be seriously harming your health! For example, tap water is almost never 100% pure H20. Water is considered “hard” when there is a high concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium present.

The different elements that can be present in the water you drink may be picked up by groundwater when passing in and around rocks and soil. The hardness of water is measured by parts per million (ppm) or grains per gallon (GPG). Water is considered hard when it is more than 1 GPG or 17.1 ppm. Drinking water also may contain trace minerals like iron, which get picked up from the soil, lakes, and rivers. These minerals can also be present due to out-of-date plumbing.

Signs Your Water May Be “Hard”

Hard Water Issues_signs your water maybe hard

While hard water is especially common among those living in small towns or farms where they get water from a well, this is not only an urban problem. As we mentioned above, a whopping 85% of homes in the nation have hard water. However, hard water can sometimes be tricky to identify, and that is where our expert advice comes into help! Here are a few signs your water might be hard!

You Notice Weird Stains on Appliances

Do you have a recurrence of ugly reddish or brown stains in your sink, bathtub, or toilet? Your water might be to blame. If there are high amounts of iron present in your water, they have the potential to leave behind stains that are hard to get rid of.

To get the appearance of your plumbing products to come back, using vinegar while cleaning has been known to work. However, these issues will continue to come back. Therefore call a plumbing contractor right away, and they will be able to uncover the culprit of your hard water issues and provide a lasting solution.

Your Water Tastes or Smells Off

There is nothing worse than grabbing a glass of water in the middle of the night to quench your thirst and not being able to take a sip because the smell or taste is horrible. This is one of the main signs that you have hard water or possibly a bacterial containment issue. Different smells/tastes may include:

  • A metallic taste = too much iron
  • Water that tastes like dirt = actual dirt, algae, or old pipes
  • Rotten egg smell = hydrogen sulfide gas

The moment that you notice your water is smelling or tasting not right, then you need to call an expert.

Pipes That Keep Getting Clogged

Contrary to popular belief, shower heads and faucets aren’t the only things that can get clogged up due to hard water. Scale deposits can build up within your pipe, leading to backups and possible bursts when left untreated. Calling a professional contractor will ensure that any build-up that has occurred is dealt with alongside your hard water problems.

Is Hard Water Dangerous?

Is Hard Water Dangerous?

When talking about Hard Water and its dangers, there are two things to consider. The people that are consuming it and the plumbing system the water is running through each day. For those drinking it, hard water isn’t overall “dangerous”; however that doesn’t mean other areas of the body aren’t affected. The hard water deprives your hair and skin of moisture. Mineral particles left by the water absorb your skin’s natural oils, which negatively impacts the skin’s natural processes.

For your home’s plumbing, it is definitely harmful. Due to the extra minerals, clogs can easily occur alongside the damage to different appliances. Leaving hard water to run through your home or business will eventually lead to expensive and timely repairs in the future. Therefore, if you suspect that your water might be hard, contact professionals like Arco Plumbing to handle your project.

How Can a Plumber Help?

For many homes and commercial building owners, investing in a certified and trained plumber to help with your hard water issues will save you in the long run. Not only will they recommend the best course of action to take, but they will also take the time to fully inspect your system, ensuring serious damage hasn’t already occurred. For many, the installation of a water softener is the best solution.

Plumbing agencies like Arco Plumbing are determined to deliver an answer to all plumbing issues with one that works and is affordable. Once scheduling an appointment with them, one of the best experts in the area will come to your property, provide you with a quote on all services, and get right to work!

Contact Arco Plumbing for Help with Hard Water

Don’t wait and end up experiencing the negative effects of hard water. Get the help that you need with Arco Plumbing, a leading agency in the industry. Fear you may have hard water, schedule a service today!

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