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How Proper Plumbing Can Protect The Health of You & Your Family

Proper Plumbing Can Protect The Health of You & Your Family

When it comes to thinking about plumbing in Westmont IL, the thought about family security and safety doesn’t usually come to mind straight away. We often think about immediate problems that arise in a particular moment, not about the silent plumbing disaster that can actually be very harmful, not knowing just how much plumbing can affect you and every member of your family’s health.

Long-Lasting Effects

Everyone appreciates plumbers during an emergency involving sinks, toilets, drains, and pipes. Still, there are certain things that you need to know that go beyond those underlying issues so that you can make a change before it can become a huge problem.

Getting Rid of Hazardous Materials

Certain piping can be prone to leaking hazardous chemicals into the water; these materials are usually used and found in older houses that have been built before 1990. Sometimes, there isn´t even a noticeable kind of discoloration or a difference in taste, but the effects of lead, zinc, and cadmium released from piping made out of materials like lead, Galvanized Steel, and CPVC, among others can lead to long-lasting health problems for the skin, hair, liver, and kidney.

If any of your pipes are made out of a dangerous material, possibly putting the health of you and your family at risk, you need to know. Book an appointment with Arco Plumbing in Westmont, IL, for a routine inspection of your pipes and get the answers you need!

Not Just The Water

Often when we hear plumbing, we think everything that has to do with water, the pipes, the water we drink, and the water we shower/bathe in. But it also has to do with the air that you breathe. That is why regular checkups from one of the most trusted plumbers in Westmont, IL, ARCO Plumbing.

Clogs & Blockage

One of the worst things homeowners can frequently come into contact with is clogs and blockages in your drains. Alongside being incredibly inconvenient, they can be very dangerous to your health if not dealt with in a timely manner. The unclean odor that arises from your pipes is caused by mold growth, polluting the air in your house. Stagnant water can also build up in your piping system, attracting insects and various diseases that they bring with them into your home.

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There are a lot of things that plumbing protects you from, a lot that may go unnoticed. Whether it is from the moment you buy your house and not knowing exactly what kind of pipes you have, one of those annoying things that need to be fixed, or just a general check, the help of plumbers and proper plumbing can help you and your family stay safe.

A few things that proper plumbing protects you and your family from are: Waterborne diseases, lead poisoning, lacerations, scaldings, asphyxiation, and toxic gas exposure, electrocution, explosions, and building damage that may be caused by flooding. Proper plumbing is essential, and it is even more vital that you call the professionals for any plumbing needs!

Common Plumbing Regarding Health

What is the most dangerous water contaminant?

Though there are many, some of the most common and dangerous water contaminants are:

  1. Lead, easily unnoticed, lead can enter drinking water from corroded pipes and plumbing fixtures that contain lead.
  2. Copper, if you notice that your water has a tinted blueish green color, you may be experiencing high levels of copper in your water.
  3. Chlorine, used as a water disinfectant by many municipal water systems to control microbes, if it mixes with other organic compounds, it has the potential to be dangerous.
Why are galvanized pipes bad?

Stopped being frequently used in households in the 1990s, they were lined with lead service lines, and through corrosion, the lead released as they corrode can be dangerous for your family.

What is yellow water, Why do I have it, and is it dangerous?

Yellow water is caused by small amounts of rust entering your water supply from your pipes. The yellow water is caused by a high volume of iron; it is not dangerous. It may taste bad, but it does not have a direct risk to your health. That being said, you should call Arco Plumbing to change your pipes so you can have clean and refreshing water!

The Importance of Proper Plumbing and Calling the Experts

A number of plumbing related issues can often go unnoticed to homeowners, and they can, unfortunately, be extremely dangerous if not detected. On a day to day basis, you probably aren’t checking your pipes inside and out to make sure that everything is okay, and we understand that you may not know what you are looking for and can put yourself in danger if you don´t know precisely what you are doing.

Regular checkups are essential to prevent and avoid costly, unpleasant, and unwanted home care and medical issues. Common health risks associated with plumbing can become a severe health risk before the plumbing issues are even noticed. That is why you should call the experts and get a professional to check the plumbing in your house

Family Plumbers in Westmont, IL

 The first part of keeping your family safe from plumbing disasters is contracting a company that you can trust! It´s not easy letting a stranger into your house, especially when the little ones may be running around! We at Arco Plumbing relieve any of those concerns from the moment you book your appointment with us! Our professional and experienced staff gives you and your family a personal plumbing touch making you feel calm and at ease while the services are being performed. Not totally convinced? Top Plumbing Company Online Reviews see for yourself how happy our clients are with our services!

Why Calling Arco Plumbing in Westmont, IL Is The Right Decision

Being a local family-owned plumbing company in Westmont, IL, we completely understand that your number one priority is the health and safety of your family, and we at Arco Plumbing cherish those same values. With the safety of our community in mind, we urge Chicagoland locals to think about the unknown harms that could be in your household plumbing and contact us today.

Arco Plumbing has been proudly serving Westmont, IL, since 1978 and is one of the most trusted plumbing services in Chicagoland. We want nothing less than to give you the personalized plumbing experience that you need and deserve at a reasonable price. We care about our customers, and no plumbing problem is too big or too small, contact us today for any of your plumbing inquiries, free estimate, troubleshooting advice, or appointments online  or by calling us at 1-630-581-2235.

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