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How to Check for Plumbing Problems When Buying a House


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Ways to Check for Plumbing Problems When Buying a House

Purchasing a new house is an incredibly exciting process, whether the property is a first-time home, a dream home, a holiday home, or an investment opportunity. With such an important decision, there are a number of essential checks that must be made before the sale goes ahead, and plumbing is one of them.

Knowing how to check the plumbing of a property in Chicagoland is crucial during the buying process. Not only will thorough plumbing checks bring to light problems that may dissuade you from buying the house, but if you still decide to go ahead with the sale in light of the problems, you’ll know exactly what needs to be addressed going forwards.

Tackling plumbing problems head on will potentially save you a fortune on serious repairs and make sure your new home is perfectly habitable and safe for you, your family, or future tenants. Before you dive into buying a house, here are five ways to check for plumbing issues, and one essential tip to bear in mind when inspecting a Chicagoland property.

1. Check the Water & Drain Lines

The first things that you should check are the water lines and drain lines in the property. These are two fairly simple tests but can reveal a lot about the plumbing. First, check down the drain for signs of corrosion, as whilst rare, this can cause problems. Second, check the visible water lines, such as those underneath the sink in the kitchen, and make sure there are no leaks or discoloration. It’s also worth checking the drainage, simply turn on the faucets, and check to make sure the drainage speed is suitable.

2. Inquire About the Age of the Water Heater

Water heaters generally have a lifespan of about a decade. Inquiring after the age of the heater will tell you how soon it’ll need replacing, and whether you’ll need to budget for the replacement if it’s nearing the 10-year mark. It’s also worthwhile assessing the water heater location, and how much damage potential leaks could cause.

3. Test the Water Pressure

Water pressure may not be the first thing that you look for in a new home, but poor pressure can be a nightmare to deal with. Testing the water pressure in the property with a pressure gauge will give you a pressure reading, that if poor, may reveal that the plumbing pipes need to be unclogged. If the water pressure is too high, it could start to damage the water heater and other appliances around the house.

4. Assess the Property for Signs of Water Damage

There are many obvious signs of water damage that may be present when you’re shown around a property. If there has been a leak, either from pipes or the roof, then you may notice brown marks on the ceiling. Equally, there may be signs of water damage in the crawlspace or basement, so it’s important to stay vigilant and check for stains, obvious leaks, and any faulty repair work. Check the toilet for leaks or warping, particularly around the base, and ensure it flushes properly.

5. Ask About the Water Supply

The last thing you’ll want to do when moving into a new home is to unexpectedly pay out for brand-new water supply pipes, so it’s certainly worth inquiring about them! It can be helpful to ask the age of the pipes and material, to determine either how long it’ll be until replacement is required, or whether the material is suitable for modern plumbing. If the pipes are constructed from galvanized steel or polybutylene, as an example, they’ll probably need replacing.

The Essential Top Tip for Peace of Mind When Buying a House

Asking questions and performing visual checks will reveal a lot of information about the state of the plumbing in your Chicagoland property investment. Yet, there are some assurances of plumbing adequacy that only a local plumbing service will be able to provide. For the ultimate peace of mind when buying a house, asking a plumber to take a look at the plumbing is a beneficial investment.

With a thorough check of the water supply, drainage, and water pressure, you’ll be able to get a clear indication of the state of the plumbing, and discuss the costs involved in resolving any problems. A skilled plumber will also be able to perform additional checks, such as performing video camera inspections on sewer lines, which may reveal problems that cannot be brought to light by visual checks or questions – unearthing clogs or deterioration in a sewer line after purchasing a property could come with a massive repair bill!

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