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Basement flooding in the Chicagoland area is a very real threat that many residents face during bad weather and storms. To safeguard your home or commercial property from the ravages of storms, you need adequate defenses in your basement to deal with the excess water. This will ensure that no matter how bad a storm gets your basement will remain safe and dry – along with the rest of your home!

While there are a large number of flood defense systems that you can have installed to protect your home, a battery backup system is one of the most effective when used in conjunction with a high-quality sump pump. By protecting your property with a battery backup system, you can rest assured knowing that your basement is protected in the event of a storm that causes a power outage.

At Arco Plumbing, we service the Chicagoland area, providing a range of water management solutions to residents and commercial property owners that want to keep their homes and businesses safe against the worst of Chicago weather. If you want to protect your property and minimize the risk of costly water damage, then call us today and we’ll arrange for a full inspection of your basement plumbing and assess the suitability of your sump pump for the installation of a battery backup system.

The Importance of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are an integral part of residential and commercial plumbing in areas, like Chicagoland, that are prone to basement flooding. The system is installed in the basement and is primarily responsible for pumping excess water, that has accumulated during bad weather, out of the sump basin.

While the job of a sump pump may be a simple one, it’s an incredibly important form of protection for homes and businesses that are regularly exposed to large volumes of water. As the sump pump protects against damp and prevents flooding, it’s vital to ensure that a mechanical fault or power outage doesn’t leave your property exposed.

The battery backup systems that we can install at Arco Plumbing can step in and keep your property protected if the worst happens and your sump pump stops working.

Battery Backup System Installation Services

A battery backup system is a finishing touch that secures your basement against the threat of excess water, such as the inordinate amount of water that your plumbing has to deal with during a storm. It’s designed to be an addition to basements that have a sump pump installed which runs off power from the mains – essentially operating as a second line of defense if the sump pump should fail for any reason.

If the sump pump fails, such as during a power outage, then the battery backup will automatically kick into action to keep your basement protected. The battery backup system can also be relied upon if the main sump pump has mechanical problems or if it becomes overwhelmed by the amount of water that it has to deal with.

While a battery backup system is not designed to be a long-term solution to a faulty sump pump, it can provide you with a number of extra hours of defense, while you arrange for your sump pump to be fixed or while the power is out. By buying your property a bit of extra time during bad weather, the battery backup system can help to prevent serious water damage, that could be very expensive to have repaired.

The experienced Westmont, IL based team at Arco Plumbing can advise you on which battery backup system is best for your sump pump, and make sure that it’s installed properly to protect your basement if your main sump pump should stop working.

Westmont IL Plumbing Battery Back Up System Services in Chicagoland

Battery Backup Systems: A Worthwhile Investment?

A sump pump can be a very big investment, but for a battery backup system, the investment is much smaller despite the enormous benefits of having a quality system installed. Here are some of the main benefits of having a battery backup system in place, that make it a worthwhile investment for your home in the Chicago area:

• Protects Your Home in the Event of a Power Outage
The simple system, comprised of a battery, charger, and pump, can go a long way to protecting your home if the power gets cut off. During a storm, when power outages are common, the battery backup system can lower the risk of flooding by making sure that water is still being pumped out of your sump basin. The comprehensive protection provided by the battery backup system can also aid in any other situation where the main sump pump is rendered ineffective.

• Very Affordable
A battery backup system isn’t the only way to protect your basement if your main sump pump stops working, but it is one of the most affordable options. Having the backup installed won’t be too expensive and it’ll work effectively in place of the sump pump in an emergency.

• Installation is Straightforward
One of the biggest benefits of having a battery backup sump pump installed in Chicago is that the installation isn’t invasive. The installation isn’t noisy, it doesn’t require any extensive work, and there will be relatively no clean-up afterwards.

• Can Be Installed Quickly
The non-invasive installation of battery backup systems also makes the process much quicker. When installed by a professional, the system can be up and running, and ready to protect your home, in a very small amount of time.

• Improves Capability of Sump Pump
A sump pump is a highly effective flood defense system to have in place, and in many instances, it can be relied upon to protect your home. However, there’s still a range of problems that sump pumps are susceptible to. The battery backup system can improve the capability of the sump pump by handling excess water when the main system becomes overwhelmed, giving you a further peace of mind about your flood defenses.

• Works Automatically
A professional installation is crucial to make sure that your battery backup system is working properly, but once the system has been installed, you can rest assured knowing that it’s going to work when you need it. As the whole system is automatic, it’ll kick into action by itself in the event of an emergency. This means that even if you’re out of town, the system will still be able to protect your home and minimize the risk of you coming home to serious flood problems. Then, when the danger is over, the system will shut off and re-charge ready to be used again.

• Improves Basement Potential
Large basements offer more to a property that just additional storage space, they can be used to create beautiful living environments and expand the potential of your home. With the extra assurance that your basement is going to be protected even if your sump pump fails, you can make full use of your basement and turn it into a space that the whole family can enjoy.

In an ideal world, the sump pump in your home would never fail, but if it does, a battery backup system installed by the experts at Arco Plumbing can step in and make sure that your home doesn’t get damaged.

Battery Backup System Installation in Chicago

Battery backup systems come in many different varieties, and whilst they all have the same main purpose, it’s crucial to choose the right system for your requirements. The differences between battery backup systems include variances in:

• Battery Type
• Gallon Output
• Power (DC and AC/DC)
• Additions (I.e. Alarms)

At Arco Plumbing, we can help you to choose the perfect system for your property’s unique requirements, based on a thorough inspection of your existing sump pump, or even in conjunction with the installation of a new one.

Our team is highly experienced in the installation of sump pumps and battery backup systems for sump pumps, which means that we can give you all the information you need about keeping your system in good condition, operating it properly, and ensuring that the system is always working correctly.

If you need expert advice on whether your property could benefit from the installation of a battery backup system, or if you would like to book an appointment with our expert team to have a new system installed, then please don’t hesitate to contact Arco Plumbing today.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Plumbing Services

Battery backup for your sump pump is a simple but proactive step to take to protect your basement and home or commercial building from damp, mold and flooding, and it couldn’t be easier to have one installed! All you need to do is get in touch with the licensed, bonded, and insured experts at Arco Plumbing, and we can take care of the whole project for you.

Our experienced team can inspect your basement flood defenses, suggest a range of solutions, and put those solutions into action, for your ongoing peace of mind about the quality and capability of your defenses. For advice and support with home or business flood protection, and the perfect combination of affordable prices and years of experience, make Arco Plumbing your first point of call for battery backup installation in Chicagoland.

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